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Brodev is a company for truly young and passionate people. We always desire to create new, innovative high quality products to serve life. Right now, we are focusing on web and mobile technologies.

Our slogan
- "Keep it simple, stupid!" -

In a world where there’s overdose of everything, simplicity somehow stands out. We truly believe that ‘less is more and more is less’. That’s why we always try to make our products as simple and subtle as possible for our client’s best experience.

Values  - Brodev focuses on 3 main values
We believe that technology can change everything and be the key to a better future
Things will be much smoother and more efficient when you work with passionate people who really put their heart and mind in whatever they do.
Our top priority is to provide our clients with latest, best-quality and friendliest products.


We always crave for excellent ideas to create the best products.
Besides concentrating on our own products, we also provide high-quality services for clients all around the world. We specialize in:

Website, Web application

Provide professional websites and web applications which outstand from millions of others and have optimal internal functionality.

Social Network

Make your community a thing different by delivering a featured social network of extraordinary themes and modules in your own way.

E-commerce Solution

Excite the potential Vietnam E-commerce market with innovative and strong E-commerce solutions for clients’ best experience.

Mobile Apllication

Enhance utilization on mobile phones and bring the top convenience to mobile users with smart mobile applications.


"Why join the Navy... when you can be a pirate?" - Steve Jobs -

Why join our pirate crew?


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Room 1106, 11st floor, 187 Nguyen Luong Bang Str,
Dong Da, Hanoi

+84 917326990
Human Resource hr@brodev.com

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